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Welcome, I’m Sarah Valentine,  I am an expert in teaching dialects and accents. I’m available for coaching and can teach you how to sound authentic.

I can help you learn all the skills you need to improve your accent and sound pitch perfect. Speaking with a different accent or dialect can be quite daunting but my methods allow the you to feel comfortable so that you can relax into the role and  sound like a local.

I coach Actors for Acting, Dialect and Accents in the Film and TV industry and my accents include all UK, European and Standard American.

I have worked in the Film and Television industry for over 30 years. I currently work as an Actor, an Agent, and an Accent Coach.

You can learn more about me here.


Sarah Valentine, Dialect Coach

Helping Actors Perfect Accents For Film And TV

British Accents

Cockney, Devonshire, Geordie, Liverpool, Yorkshire, London, Somerset, Welsh, Scottish, Southern Irish, Northern Irish

Other Accents

Australian,  Australian Translations, Jamaican, German, South African (Africaans), Kiwi New Zealand

American Accents

Neutral Californian, Alabama, Boston, Southern, New Yorker

European with an English Accent

French-English, German-English, Spanish-English, Russian-English

Specialist Coaching Areas

Accent Reduction, English Pronunciation, Dialect Modification

“If you need to master a global accent for a TV or Film role then contact me today to discuss how I can help coach your accent to sound authentic for that Film or TV role.”

Sarah Valentine

Accent Coach, Accent Coach

Accents For Actors

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On-Set Dialect Coaching

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Read What My Clients Are Saying…

“I contacted Sarah as I had an audition requiring a Scottish accent and I was finding it very difficult. Sarah was very generous and at very short notice was able to work with me on the accent and script. Her great teaching style and expertise saw my accent improve dramatically. I went into the audition room much more confident thanks to her. Due to my enjoyment of and the effectiveness of her coaching, I went to her again to up-skill in the Irish and Standard American accents. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone.”

Chelsea Tobin

Feb 2015

Training for German English Accent

“I found Sarah an absolute pleasure to work with. She put all my nerves to ease and her patience, composure and professionalism was of a high standard. I would definitely return to her if I ever needed other or further accent coaching. Thank you Sarah”

Marius Botha

Aug 2014

“Sarah is friendly, fun, down-to-earth, professional, and an accent guru. She helped me with a New Zealand accent for a national TVC campaign for a major brand. I had never really done an NZ accent, so I was quite nervous about it. Not only did Sarah help me nail the accent, she also put me at ease and gave me confidence that I needed to relax during the performance. The Skype sessions worked perfectly, and she often did extra preparation for me outside the sessions. I would highly recommend her and plan to use her services in the future.”

Rob Harding

Sept 2014

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