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By Sarah Valentine, Dialect & Accent Coach

Hugh Grant, Native New Yorker?

Scene from the movie where James Caan tries to teach extremely English Hugh Grant how to talk like a native New Yorker in order to fool some gangsters on the journey to meet them.

Karl Urban Talks Trek

Here’s the thing: As a longtime fan of “Star Trek,” I would have felt short changed if I had gone into that cinema and not seen a character that was identifiably McCoy.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Ultimate Fake Brit?

Every high school has one: the student who loves old books and Brief Encounter, the bookish prig with the cut-glass accent who considers him or herself to be a cut above everyone else. The slightly pompous loner with the withering stare — the Fake Brit.

Lennie James on Acting in England and the US

British actor Lennie James has appeared in films such as Snatch and 24 Hour Party People and in TV series on both sides of the Atlantic. In this interview Lennie talks about accents, the contrast between U.S. and U.K. television, and his favorite TV show.

Perfecting Your Pitch

Standing up in front of a moving audience is one of the hardest ways to communicate and sell at the same time. Keeping a level-head, staying on track and remembering your pitch and at the same time, smiling and remembering where you are in the sale is crucial to success.

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